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Dr.C. did two talks at the Herkimer Diamond Festival (July)which are in a Youtube movie. The research on the Herkimer District is in need of samples and photos.

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Herkimer Diamonds and Man - The History

Herkimer diamonds have been used before the settlement of the Americas in the 1400's.  The past history, local history and the even more recent history of mine development, will be discussed here. This site is expected to be updated as more historical information is uncovered.  Mine specific photos are on each mine's web page. Click on directions at the top of the page to get to each mine page.

In addition there is a section of links to metaphysical information.

Human History

Metaphysical Information

W. David Hoisington, Ph.D.

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There are some geology errors in this video
We are seeking any historiclal information you have on the mines and deposits in the Herkimer district.  Please send what you have. .

July, 2011