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Dr.C. did two talks at the Herkimer Diamond Festival (July)which are in a Youtube movie. The research on the Herkimer District is in need of samples and photos.

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Turtle Clan Ridge (TCR), Herkimer Co., NY

This is a private location and no directions are available

Every Herkimer diamond mine or deposit will have is own web page IF there are specimens available for scientific examination, and photos donated to this website.

Each mine site webpage will have the following:
                 - Unique but common photo and discussion.
                 - Mine specific mineral sequence diagram with comments.
                 - Photo album, where donations can be seen.
                 - Collecting tips and links
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Unique but Common

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Mineral Sequence Diagram for

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Photo Albums

Collecting Tips and Links

If you do happen to get in here to collect, because the owner has given you permission, then be extremely neat.  Clean up all of your debris - including the rocks you dug out.  Ask the owner where he would like them put.  Ask permission for digging anywhere before you do!

W. David Hoisington, Ph.D.

Photos for Turtle Clan Ridge are divided into categories and placed into albums.  These albums are listed below. They can be added to at any time, so send in your photos and see them here.

The four photo albums - to be added soon

Mine site photos
Pocket photos
Herkimer photos
Other mineral photos

Sept., 2013

Information, specimens, and photos are being collected for this location.  You can help by sending your donations.  See the help page for instructions.