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The Artistic Patterns within Herkimer Diamonds

A public service project always open to input  from the community interested in Herkimer diamonds.

The microsope work below is done with the gracious help of the NY State Muesum. It  has lead to many beautiful photos of artistic designs found with Herkimer diamonds.  Perhaps they deserve their own web page. There will not be any scientific explanation to distract from your viewing pleasure.

Web page author - W. David Hoisington, Ph.D.

A photo of textures from the same smooth hopper crystal on the skeletal page - some patterns are on on the outside, but the photo was taken at an angle along the edge of the crystal (running diagonally across the photo) so that the one can view the features inside the crystal.  But you can also see the delicate etching on the face of the crystal, particualrly in the upper right.

The following four pics are all from that crystal. Photos Dr. D. 2008

The photo below is from a fragment of a crystal and it shows "bubble trains" (and a few other things) - donated by Bill and Anne (2008).  Photo DrD.
Again the photo below is from a fragment of a crystal (different fragment) donated by Bill and Anne (2008).  Photo DrD.

This shot really appeals to me, perhaps because it combines several interesting textures on the faces of a small clear Herkimer.  Photo, Dr.D (2008).

A version of this photo is on the inclusion page, the surface of a large clear crystal, but also looking inside . A LOT OF INTERESTING THINGS GOING ON HERE.  Photo DrD, 2008.

Next - nice photo showing the step down pattern on one termination face.

I call this the "pine tree" texture, as it looks like rows of pine trees.  NOTE: look at the "trunks" and the delicate etching patterns.