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Quartz Crystal Habits within the Herkimer Diamond Mining district*

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In the "Herkimer Diamond" deposits the crystals called "Herkimer Diamonds" are a mineral called quartz.  But the Herkimer Diamond deposits also contain quartz in a variety of other forms (or crystal habits).  Presented here are Herkimer diamond photographs and other quartz crystal habits, all from the Herkimer mining district, grouped under several categories. 

Small pyramidal and/or prismatic quartz crystals called "druze":    ->
Single Herkimer Diamonds (along with some color changes):    ->
Herkimer Diamond groups - free standing:    ->
Skeletal & hopper crystals (and features):    ->
Herkimer Diamonds connected with other minerals:    ->
Twins and odd shaped quartz habits:    ->
A special "druze" here named "baby floater" druze:  ->
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Herkimer Diamond groups on matrix (host rock):    ->
Various inclusions, including scepters:   ->
Presented below are thumbnail versions of the photographs under each category.  You can click on "Link to Larger Photo Page" and see a larger picture with photo contact information and relevant comments.  
Photos of "in place pockets":    ->
"Baby Floater" inclusion pictures are here
Explanations for the wide variety of crystal habits, colors and textures must be accounted for in any theory that seeks to explain the formation of Herkimer diamonds.   It is important to view ALL the different shapes and habits that quartz takes within the Herkimer district as each shape has something to say about the history of Herkimer diamonds.  The following question is presented on several pages, "What crystal habit is the shape that we call Herkimer diamond?"
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Long prismatic crystals - Herkimer diamonds?    ->

Click on the "Quartz Information Page" link  to find general background information on the various shapes of crystals.  Some of this information is scientific, but the pictures of the various crystal habits (shapes of the crystals) can be applied to the photos showing quartz from the Herkimer Mining District.
Also some very nice Herkimer photos ->
See also the page on inclusions below
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Prismatic "druze"
If you are looking for pictures of minerals other than Herkimer diamonds (like calcite or dolomite) click on the Minerals Page link.
There are many more fantastic photos of Herkimer diamond specimens done by Jeff Scovil:    Click here ->
"Blue" druze ->
"Snowball" druze ->

Smoky crystal of Cumberland habit ->

Black druze
Common druze - white and smoky
"Needle" druze ->
*A map showing the location of the district can be found on the home page.
Important Note:  The quartz within the Herkimer Diamond Mining District forms within distinct zones that have their own unique features.  Click here to see a discussion of these zones ->
There are many variations. Which ones do we call Herkimer diamonds?

Curved crystal->

Dauphine Habit->

Parallel Growth->

Unknown Habit->
"hawk nose"

Photos on the druze page show one druze deposited on top of another and all occur before the Herkimer diamonds

The "baby floater" druze happened just before, and perhaps overlapping, the Herkimer diamond phase

A phase of quartz mineralization that occured before the Herkimer diamonds and shows large variations across the Herkimer district

The Various Colors of Herkimer Diamonds:    ->






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These are the Herkimer diamonds that the Herkimer district is famous for

"Ace" druze

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