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Quartz Crystal Habits within Herkimer Diamond Deposits

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Herkimer Diamond Color Variations

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Herkimer diamonds come in a range of colors.  The colors will be shown in photographs here, generally using single crystals.

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Left is a small smoky crystal (15 mm) from TCR (Mike Hoisington specimen and photo, 2009)

Herkimer diamonds are most commonly know for their clear, brilliant, sparkling appearance.  Small crystals (less than a cm long) can be found at every Herkimer diamond mine in the Herkimer district.  More photos of these can be found using links of of the crystal habit main page.

Below is a portion of a cluster of clear crystals (a portion of a larger cluster that can be seen on the free standing group page) from Fonda, NY (DA) collected 1992.  The large crystal in the center is 4 cm long. Photo, Dr. D. 2010

Sometimes the clear crystals will get wisps of  color and locally this is called "Champange". On the left is a crystal from Fonda NY (5 cm point to point), collected 1992. Photo, Dr. D. 2008.

Rarely will you find a large gem smoky crystal like the one shown on the right (7 cm tall) from TCR (Mine Owner specimen, Dr. D. photo 2010). The yellow is calcite. There is a clear quartz crystal at the base.

In a battle for first place for which color is most common is white.  White is probably most common in the "waste" at mine sites while the clear is more common in collections and for sale.  Below is one crystal in a group from Middleville NY, Donated by Frank 2010. Photo, Dr. D.

Sometimes these clear or white crystals can get rust on them and inside them forming a "yellow" Herkimer diamond.  Below is one crystal in a group from Middleville NY, Donated by Frank 2010. Photo, Dr. D.

Herkimer diamonds can also appear black due to hydrocarbon inclusions (see also the inclusions page).