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HerkimerHistory.com will be updated regularly.  For return visitors this page is a good place to visit to see what has been added since your last visit.  The most recent six months of updates will remain on this page. Click on the orange buttons to go directly to the updated page. 

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A public service project always open to input  from the community interested in Herkimer diamonds.
Web page author W. David Hoisington

Entire site - changes made to the entire site over June and July, 2010.  A question is being placed in several places - what habits of quartz do we actually call "Herkimer diamond"?  Google rankings added.  Hydrocarbon term added.

Most recent  update letter sent to "Friends of Herkimer Diamonds"

Updated: Entire page reformated to clarify the evidence for a pre-Herkimer long prismatic habit quartz phase, 08/09/10

More than 30 updates during 2010, including improvement of the theory.

Updated: New info and links - 08/29/10

Updated: 08/30/10 - Two new photos added and a new druze

Updated: 09/13/2010 Photos added

Updated: 09/13/10 New photo added

New updates usually come during  and following the summer.

 Front page redesigned, new navigation bar designed, new Google rankings page.  05/11/11

 Survey added to the front page, information to improve the website. 05/13/11

Due to technical problems, all
updates have stopped!
Look for a new site in July.

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Entire website is being rebuilt.  06/01/11 - new design expected by the end of July