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Quartz Crystal Habits within Herkimer Diamond Deposits

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Single Crystals Including Color Variations

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This is one of the largest Herkimer diamonds I have seen that still has the double termination (coming to points at both ends) form.  When Herkimer diamonds get large, beyond around 4 cm (point to point), then they almost always have some flaws or fractures. Occassionally a 4.5 to 6 cm crystal occurs with minimal fracturing, but it is extremely rare.  This large size,  nick named the "two hander", is also rare.  It is from Fonda, NY (DA), 1992.  There are patches of smoky color in this crystal.  Photo by Dr. D. 2008.
This is the close to the "classic" Herkimer diamond form (minus the crystal imbedded).  The little black specks are likely a type of hydrocarbon material. This is a small crystal. The smaller crystals (like this one) are more likely to be found without fractures and are easier to find (or buy).
Below are the two most common forms of single crystals - small and clear or big and fractured.  The third would be skeletal and they are on their own web page.
This is not really a single, but a "mom and her child".  The specimen is 3.5 cm across (which is fairly large for a nearly flawless crystal).  The darker color is due to reflections and shadows, but the specimen is extremely clear.  The other nice feature is that the base crystal it is close to the classic form.  It comes from a carbon pocket in Fonda, NY (DA) 1988.  Photo, Dr. D. 2008
This is a totally clear crystal (again the shadows are reflections).  It is 4 cm point-to-point which is large for a nearly flawless crystal.  This is from Middleville, NY (HDM).
Photo submitted 2008 by Joe Kapelewski, from his collection.
The next two pictures of single crystals are donated by Mike Eggleston (2008). Crystals are 30 to 32 mm, point-to-point.  From Living Mt. Claim (on TM), Little Falls, NY.  Link to Mike's website is below:

These single Herkimer diamonds are nicknamed "The Four Sisters".  They are all about the same size and of high clarity with well developed faces all around.  They are 15 mm point to point.  What is nice about this photo is that is shows the slight variations in form that Herkimer diamonds often show, even from the same pocket.  These came from a carbon pocket in Fonda, NY (DA - 1992).  Photo Dr. D. 2008.

Small Herkimer diamonds like this are fairly common across the district.

These are 3 cm crystals that are of nice quality showing some minor inclusions.  Crystals this size and larger with no inclusions are extremely rare.
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To the right is another large Herkimer diamond (Fonda, NY, DA, 1992) and highly fractured internally, like the "two hander".  But the difference is this large crystal has the "typical" herkimer diamond form.  Most large crystals are malformed and not this uniform.  It also has a slight smoky color. Photo, Dr. D. 2008.
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